Embroidery Patterns For Travelers & Dreamers

Based out of an Airstream travel trailer, Wandering Threads is your source for travel and nature-inspired embroidery patterns. Our goal is to foster a passion for the art of embroidery through creative designs and simple tutorials.

Wandering Threads

Wandering Threads

My Story

Welcome to Wandering Threads! My name is Amanda, and I’m the founder of Wandering Threads, a place for travelers and dreamers to discover one-of-a-kind embroidery patterns. For as long as I can remember I’ve been inspired by the act of turning strands of thread into works of art.

In 2012, my life took a turn when my husband and I sold our house, pared down our possessions and began traveling full-time in our renovated Airstream. In an effort to find an art form that would fuel my love for working with needle and thread while living in a small space, I turned to embroidery.

From the very first stitch, I was hooked. I started designing my own patterns right away using my surroundings as inspiration. Objects in nature quickly became my favorite embroidery subjects. I rose to the challenge of finding just the right stitch to create the texture of a cactus thorn, a delicate mountain wildflower, or a dusting of snow atop a jagged mountain peak.

Wandering Threads

Goals & Dreams

From the beginning, my dream has always been to share embroidery with the world. I hope to encourage others to embrace the art of embroidery by sharing my designs and offering simple stitch tutorials. I created Wandering Threads with the goal of developing a community where travel, nature, and embroidery come together to create amazing works of art. At Wandering Threads, I take a four-part approach to the creative process.

  • Inspire: As I travel around the country, I always look to my surroundings for inspiration. Each pattern is crafted with the intent of representing the place it depicts.
  • Teach: By creating simple-to-follow tutorials, I hope to demonstrate that embroidery is a craft anyone can master.
  • Share: My comprehensive downloadable PDFs contain a custom pattern, stitch suggestions, and tips for pattern transfer.
  • Create: With these tools, creating a one-of-a-kind embroidery piece is as simple as picking up a needle and thread.