New Stitch Tutorials

Alternate Stem Stitch Embroidery Tutorial
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Alternate stem stitch is a basic line stitch with a twist. When stitched in a single row, alternate stem stitch makes a nubby textured rope-like border, while multiple rows stitched close together creates... Read More

Lazy Daisy Embroidery Stitch Tutorial
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The name says it all. Lazy Daisy is arguably the simplest stitch for creating embroidered flowers. It’s also called the Detached Chain Stitch, but let’s face it, that name is not nearly as... Read More

Projects & Inspiration

How To Embroider Large Letters By Hand {Part 2}
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Learning how to embroider letters is both a fun and useful skill. From monograms to labels to quotes, there are endless ways embroidery letters can add that little something special to all your projects. In How To Embroider... Read More

How to Finish an Embroidery Hoop
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You got the pattern, you learned the stitches, and you spent weeks perfecting each tiny little detail. Now what? How do you display all that hard work? Well…you know that trusty wooden hoop that you... Read More