Easy to follow embroidery stitch tutorials for learning fun new embroidery stitches and techniques.

Star Stitch Tutorial ~ WanderingThreadsEmbroidery.com

This version of star stitch is only one of the many ways to create an embroidery star. From simple straight stitches arranged in a criss-cross pattern to complicated star stitches that require math and measurements, the star stitch methods are as varied as their results. For this tutorial, we’re keeping it simple with an easy to learn stitching method that results in a true star shape.

French Knot Tutorial ~ WanderingThreadsEmbroidery.com

The french knot is a simple embroidery stitch that creates a cute little three-dimensional bump. Alone, they make excellent animal eyes, decorative points, and flower centers. Clustered together, a french knot creates a wonderfully nubby texture that can be used in a number of creative ways. While sometimes considered difficult to learn, this tutorial lays out a simple step-by-step method that will have you singing the praises of french knots in no time.

Spider Web Stitch Tutorial ~ Wandering Threads

Whether you call it a spider web or a spider wheel, there’s no doubt that this creative stitch is both beautiful and simple to create. I like to use spider web stitch for large circular objects like a moon or sun, but it also makes a great flower, animal eye, or simply an intricate embellishment.

Chain Stitch Tutorial ~ Wanderingthreadsembroidery.com

Chain stitch is perhaps one of the most versatile of all the basic embroidery stitches. As the name implies, each stitch is connected like loops in a chain. It’s a great stitch for beginners and a favorite of embroidery veterans. Chain stitch can be used for everything from beautifully textured outlines to a unique way to fill in shapes. There are multiple variations of the chain stitch, but all require mastering the basic stitch first.

More Embroidery Stitch Tutorials Coming Soon!